As an active group of companies in the whole Europe, we take our responsibilities seriously and based on this we also adjust our activities. The company Shrinktech was found as international company characterized by a significant expansion on the market just in the first years and local well-known brands have also become the part of group until now, so strong diversification of enterprises and foreign activities provide for our company the stability on the market.


We have more than 25-year experiences in the sector of plastic extruding and injecting, we continuously develop a new technologies, so today we also have enough experience with shaped soaking. Our manufactories are currently located in Slovakia, Hungary and we have packaging company in Romania. Our experts continuously work to improve the quality of our products and increase the level of our services.


Our goal is to achieve a long-term competitive advantage with excellent power to our competitors, which will be characterized in the future by satisfaction of our customers, high-quality products and competitive prices.


We continuously extend our range of products according to market requirements. There are currently six major groups of the products for electronics and unique products for other industries.

Commitment for the SUCCESS OF OUR PARTNERS


Guaranteed ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 machines
by the company TÜV Rheinhald


We ensure free samples
from our range of products


Free advice on any day of the week


We are able to produce the products
even according to an unique requirements

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