Thanks to our 27-year experience, today we can extrude more than 100 tons of raw materials per year with our 13 extruders. From various raw materials, such as PVC, HDPE, LDPE, PP, PS, POM, etc., we produce profiles and tubes for electrical engineering and automotive industry, agriculture and also white goods technology. We guarantee the benefit on the market due to good quality and securing high-quality raw materials.


For 15 years in the industry, we have been producing firstly the products with high accuracy and technical content with small volume. We participated in several unique development improvements with our customers. In the Arburg and Engel machines, we can inject products from 1-2 grams up to 1 kilogram from PA, PP, PS, PE, POM, PVC raw materials. We make the products for the electronic and electrical engineering industry, and for the needs of people as well.


Our 5-year experience is continuously improved also with target machines partially developed by us. We make protective caps and plugs for electrical engineering and automotive industry. Our technology is more cost-effective than injecting in case when the number of pieces is smaller and there are not necessary all designed product parameters to be accurate in the dimension. Depending on a product, we can guarantee either internal or external dimensions, and we can effectively coat metal objects regardless of shape or material.

Range of electrical engineering industry

We make various products for electronic and electrical engineering industry, which we supply to the whole Europe and America. Our range of products is gradually extended what is based on the requirement of our customers. So we always know to meet the actual needs of our customers flexibly and quickly. In our range of products may be also found shrinking sleeves, protective sleeves, cable ties, wire markers, glands and wire terminals.

Quality in many AreasProduct Categories


Sets of cable joints, glands, repair sleeves


Cable eyes, cable joints, cords.... isolated and non-isolated versions.

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