SQUIX-M printer is characterized by a simple operation, reliable and fast printing, revolutionary technology and the highest quality.

SQUIX-M is a leading industrial printer for a wide range of applications. Their development is focused mainly on transparent and comfortable operation with high reliability.

The mechanics and case of the printer are made of first-class quality materials, which ideally adapt to the functionality and shape. A wide range of peripheral devices and software provide specific and customized solutions.

Regardless of whether we use it in the “stand alone” mode, PC apps or networks – secured printers SQUIX-M are always ready to print. Powerful printing is guaranteed by high-speed processor.

Specially practical for printing of small, narrow, uninterrupted shrinking sleeves. The printer is not necessary to set to the width of shrinking sleeves.

Technical data
Printer typeCentered
Print head type4,34,344
Ribbon mode
Direct print mode
Printing resolution  (dpi)203300300600
Printing speed (mm/s)250250300150
Printing width  (up to mm)104108,4105,7105,7
Printing area
Edge sesne distance at centre positioning (mm)Raw material centre positioning
Spool or stacked: paper, carton, plastic PET, PE, PP, PI, PVC, PU, acrylate, Tyvec
Spool or core: textile, heat shrink, smart labels
Label width (mm)4 – 110
Label height (mm)4 – 2,000
Labal thickness (mm)0.03 – 0.60
Carier width (mm)9 – 114
Carier thickness (mm)0.03 – 0.13
Continous label width (mm)9 – 114
Continous label thickness (mm)0.05 – 0.50
Continous label weigth ( carton), g/m2)300
Heat shrink width – smaller packaging  (up to mm)114
Heat shrink width – continious (mm)4 – 85
Heat shrink thickness (up to mm)1,1
Coil diameter  (up to mm)205
Spool  Diameter (mm)38.1 – 100
Spindle Diameter (up to mm)205
Spool  Diameter (mm)38.1 – 76
Outer width (mm)11 – 114
SpoolingInner or outer
Printer dimensions and weigth
Width  x High x Depth (mm)252 x 288 x 460
Weight (kg)10
Operation data
Power100 – 240 VAC ~ 50/60 Hz, PFC
Energy consumtion, generalStandby < 10 W / standard 150 W / maximum 300 W
Temperature / humidity, not condensation0 – 40°C / 10 – 85% not condensation
Storage0 – 60°C / 20 – 85% not condensation
Delivery–25 – 60°C / 20 – 85% not condensation
CertificateCE, FCC class A, CB, CCC, UL

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