About us

Slovakia, SK - 94501 Komarno hradna 3.
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Phone: +421 35 2850 070
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ShrinkTech S.r.o. was established in 2008 in Slovakia with the purpose of supporting our customers with our professional experience, expertise in order to contribute to your and your company’s success actively.

Our company concentrates on electrical insulations, out of which we especially market heat-shrink tubing and silicone products for industrial use. We are expanding the range of products offered continuously in order to meet the needs of all of our partners, therefore serving you even more efficiently.

We emphasize that the customer’s requirements must be matched on the highest standards. Since we know that nowadays the competition between companies burdens the managers when they have to bring decisions, which will affect the process or economz of production. We are ready to support our partners with our professional advices, competitive prices and flexible, excellent service.